Animal Chats

Camel Chat

Learn about our three dromedary (one-humped) camels, Pearl, Missy, and Kizzy, and stick around after the chat to feed them at our Camel Feeding Deck. Learn why camels are in our Australia section, even though it's not their native land!

Cheetah Enrichment

Head to the cheetah exhibit and see these cats engage with some very special enrichment. It will “enrich” their senses and stimulate their natural instincts. A Zookeeper will also be on hand to answer your questions about cheetahs (weather permitting).

Cheetah Chat

These cats are built for speed. Learn what makes cheetahs so fast and how speed helps them catch their prey. Learn about brothers Rhaegal and Viserion from the zookeepers who know them best.

Chimpanzee Chat

Our chimpanzee troop loves hanging out high up in the trees of their 3-acre exhibit. The zookeeper chat is the absolute BEST time to see the chimps as they will always make their way to the front of the habitat for treats. Learn about the family dynamics within the troop.

Cold Penguin Feeding

Penguins don't eat like us. They don't even chew their food! Watch as we feed the four species of penguins that live in the chilly portion of our exhibit: King, Gentoo, Macaroni, and Chinstrap. Find out how they manage to fit so much fish into those tiny, fluffy bodies!

Cold Penguin Feeding and Chat

What's a penguin's favorite time of day? Feeding time, of course. See our Gentoo, King, Macaroni, and Chinstrap penguins hit the fishy buffet and learn more about them from the experts while they chow down.

Elephant Chat

Meet the herd! Their humongous size isn't the only thing that makes these giants of the animal kingdom unique. Their Zookeepers can teach you all about their tusks, their trunks, and their wild counterparts' struggle in the wild.

Elephants Paint

Did you know elephants can paint? Check out the amazing creative talents of our pachyderm artists as their zookeepers provide them with this special enrichment. 

Giraffe Chat

Learn more about the tallest land mammal from the zookeepers who work with them every day. They'll introduce you to our herd, including our three youngsters.

Gorilla Chat

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered. Learn why this majestic species is so unique from the zookeepers who care for our gorilla troop.

Hippo Chat

Hip hippo hooray! Meet our two bathing beauties and learn why they love to laze in the water. You might also catch Liberty and Cairo enjoying their favorite treats.

Humboldt Penguin Feeding

It's time for lunch! See our Humboldt penguins devour their fishy meal. Watch as their zookeepers carefully track what each one eats to monitor their health.

Humboldt Penguin Feeding & Chat

What do penguins eat? Find out from those who know them best, the zookeepers. Learn why these penguins actually prefer the warmer weather.

Lion Chat

Meet our lion family and hear about their unique characteristics. Learn all about these majestic big cats from the zookeepers who care for them.

Lorikeet Feeding

Have you ever had a bird land on your head? You might at this lorikeet encounter. Feed our colorful birds nectar and you'll have a friend for life.

Orangutan Chat

Get nose to nose with our orange apes and learn about how you can help save orangutans in the wild with your shopping choices here at home.

Painted Dog Chat

This isn't your average dog. Find out how these African wild dogs are very different from the canine you may have at home.

Polar Bear Chat

Meet our polar bear, Nuniq, and find out how you can help save polar bears in the wild with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle. Everyone can make a difference!

Red Panda Chat

Sometimes known as the "firefox", the red panda is a proficient climber native to the mountainous Himalayan regions of Myanmar and China. You can find our red pandas in the Asian section of the Zoo near the Sumatran tigers.

Rhinoceros Chat

Did you know that a rhino's horn is actually made of the same thing as your fingernails? Learn more about that and other surprising rhino facts from the zookeepers who care for our herd.

Sloth Chat

Why does a sloth move sooooo slooooow? Find out why Arnie eats, sleeps, and moves slower than any other animal at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium.

Snakes Chat

From the smallest to the biggest, you can see all our snakes in one spot. Don't forget to say hi to Louise, our 14-foot Burmese python.

Stingray Feeding

Have you ever fed a stingray? Well, now's your chance! Feeding opportunities can be purchased for $1 and are available while supplies last. Just want to touch? No problem. Touching the stingrays is always free!

Swamp Monkey Chat

Monkeys have webbed feet? Well, these monkeys do. Learn more about our swamp monkey troop and why they are uniquely adapted for swimming.

Tiger Zookeeper Chat

Meet our Sumatran tiger brothers, Conrad and Thomas. Learn more about these big cats and why they love different scents, especially cologne!

Tree Kangaroo Chat

You won't find these kangaroos hopping on the ground. Look up in the trees to see these adorable marsupials and learn other ways they differ from our red kangaroos.

Tropics Chat

Inside the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium's original 1909 building you'll find monkeys, birds, and mammals. Stop by this chat to find out about all the animals that call our Tropics habitat home.

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