AZA Safe Programs

Young chimpanzee sitting atop a tire swing

Chimpanzee SAFE

Chimpanzee SAFE aims to improve the population status of all four chimpanzee subspecies through collaborative conservation action, stakeholder engagement, and public awareness

Orangutan SAFE

The Orangutan SAFE program moves beyond the goals of the AZA Orangutan Species Survival Plan (SSP), of which the aim is to manage our captive populations, by focusing specifically on the conservation of the wild orangutan population. The Orangutan SAFE Program aims to protect and restore the wild orangutan population and their habitats through public engagement, funding, and fieldwork.

Asian Hornbill SAFE

The Asian Hornbill SAFE Program creates a partnership between the IUCN SSC Hornbill Specialist Group and the AZA community to support the implementation of effective conservation planning and actions to conserve threatened Asian Hornbills and the habitat upon which they depend.

closeup of Matschie's tree kangaroo on a tree branch

Tree Kangaroo SAFE

The overall goal of the Tree Kangaroo of Papua New Guinea SAFE Program is to contribute to the conservation of tree kangaroos in the wild and support the local communities where the species live in PNG.

North American Songbird SAFE

Saving Animals From Extinction North American Songbirds (SAFE NAS) aims to reduce the threats to North American songbirds and secure sustainable wild populations of these species throughout their ranges. W

Leopard shark

Sharks & Rays SAFE

The overarching goal is to integrate AZA SAFE Sharks & Rays into existing global collaborative efforts to safeguard shark and ray populations

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