Green Initiatives

We believe conservation begins at home, which is why we're working to ensure our practices at the Zoo are as sustainable as possible. We also want to help you make environmentally friendly changes that protect wildlife and improve our quality of life.

Sustainability by the Numbers 2023

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Sustainability Infographic 2023

KC Can Compost

As part of the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium's growing partnership with KC Can Compost, Zoo events diverted more than 2,700 lbs. of waste from the landfill this year.

U.S. green building council LEED certified logo

LEED Certified Buildings

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium is committed to LEED-certified construction. We're working to decrease our carbon footprint by building exhibits that are environmentally friendly and educate the public about conservation.

bornean orangutan sitting on a wooden platform

Palm Oil Policy

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium strives to only purchase products that use certified sustainable palm oil to help save orangutans and all animals affected by non-sustainable palm oil farming.

ecocell logo

Project Eco-Cell

Eco-Cell, an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) preferred company, is the premiere handheld electronics recycling program for environmentally minded organizations.

baby orangutan on an adult orangutans shoulder closeup photo

Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil

Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil Membership (RSPO) gives the Zoo a voice in determining the standards for sustainable palm oil.

A man standing on a roof installing solar panels

Solar Panels

As part of our partnership with KCP&L’s solar panel initiative, nine roofs all around the Zoo house solar panels that are up and running.

Logo saying Zoo Manoo All Natural Compost

Zoo Manoo

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium sells composted animal manure, or Zoo Manoo, to the public year-round.

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