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One of three species of orangutan, Bornean orangutans are found natively on the island of Borneo. As frugivores, their diet includes over 400 types of fruit in the wild and they are important movers of seeds, passing them through their digestive system. You can find our group of seven at Orangutan Canopy.

There are seven Bornean orangutans that call the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium home: Jill, Josie, T.K., Berani, and Rufus. From the orangutan cam, you can see our orange apes swing and play in their outdoor habitat. If you come to the Zoo, you can also find orangutans in our Orangutan University indoor habitat.

Behind the Scenes

Our orangutans can be found outside when it’s at least 45 degrees. If the feels-like temperature exceeds 95 degrees, they're given access to their air-conditioned rooms behind the scenes.

The outdoor yard, our Orangutan Forest, has unique features crafted with apes in mind: 

  • Designed to highlight the arboreal nature of these intelligent great apes, this 3,400-square foot-outdoor habitat boasts a grove of artificial and flexible yet extremely strong trees, poles and vines where the orangutans will climb, explore and rest high above the forest floor.
  • Guests can view the apes from several vantage points including a canopy-level open-air shelter with a 40’ long viewing window.
  • The Outdoor Forest also offers an area for animal care specialists to conduct live demonstrations and training exercises with the apes.
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