LEED Certified Buildings

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium is committed to LEED-certified construction. We're working to decrease our carbon footprint by building exhibits that are environmentally friendly and educate the public about conservation. We currently have three exhibits and one restaurant that showcase our hard work and diligent pursuit of conservation.

Green Revolution

An eco-friendly exhibit that addresses critical environmental issues concerning the future of our planet can be found in the Australia section of the Zoo. This exhibit created by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is distributed across the country by the Smithsonian. Divided into sections ranging from composting and gardening to reducing your carbon footprint, the exhibit aims to build awareness of environmental issues and present solutions that individuals can implement to protect the natural world. The Kansas City version of the Green Revolution was created from reused, recycled materials found locally. Creative educational displays demonstrate how long it takes items to decay, how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint, how solar energy works and what products can be made from recycled products.

Polar Bear Passage

Polar Bear Passage is a Green Building, which means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards were followed during its design and construction. Under these standards, builders were guided to use recycled materials, materials manufactured locally, or materials that carried a third-party green certification. Plants have even been placed on the perimeter of the exhibit to enhance insulation, which keeps the environment cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Helzberg Penguin Plaza

Helzberg Penguin Plaza features a 100,000-gallon cool pool for cold-water penguins and a 25,000-gallon warm wet area for warm water penguins. This $15 million world-class exhibit includes efficiency and LEED certification. Instead of draining and refilling the pools in the penguin exhibit for cleaning, water is recycled through a life support system every 27 minutes and is continuously being reused.

Tuxedo Grill

This 7,300 square-foot café underwent a makeover in the fall of 2013.  Its design incorporated many sustainable building practices and included natural elements such as bamboo and exposed wood.  This building features rooftop solar panels and achieved LEED-certified status.

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