Conservation Lower Zambezi Project

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium supports the operations of one Luangwa anti-poaching team, which includes providing food rations, communications, First Aid kits, patrol equipment, transport, and a 24/7 Control Center which monitors patrol teams on difficult or dangerous patrols. Each Luangwa team, consisting of 5-6 Wildlife Police Officers, goes on patrol on average for 15 days in the park where the team conducts daily patrols in the immediate area.

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium is also involved in a camera trapping project, in partnership with Conservation Lower Zambezi and International Elephant Foundation, located in Lower Zambezi National Park. This project is of high importance because there are many species that are present in the park but their population numbers are unknown. There are also species that are reportedly in the area, but their presence has not been verified. Moreover, the camera traps can also aid in wildlife protection in the area.

Katie Muninger, Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium Savannah Assistant Manager, delivered the camera traps and helped place them around the park to help capture images of wildlife present in the area. The data from these cameras will provide a concrete understanding of species in the area as well help to better estimate population sizes and ranges of those species.

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