Zoo Manoo

Animals use poop to build their homes, hide from enemies, attract mates and even nourish themselves. Humans use it to make fertilizer, fuel power plants and diagnose medical conditions. At the Zoo, we call it our all-natural compost, Zoo Manoo, an all-purpose soil conditioner. It's only one example of our conservation in action. Our composting program diverts 75% of animal waste into about 1,200 tons of manure annually.

Besides improving the physical structure of the soil, using compost has other benefits. It modifies temperature extremes in the soil, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition, it utilizes water more efficiently because less moisture is lost due to evaporation and runoff thereby permitting better absorption.

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium sells composted animal manure, or Zoo Manoo, to the public year-round. The compost costs $35 for 2 skid-steer loads ($30 for Friends of the Zoo members.)

Compost is sold by appointment only. To make an appointment please call 816-595-1894.

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