How You Can Help

Our Ongoing Commitment

We envision a world in which the Kansas City Zoo contributes significantly to preserving the diversity of species and conserving resources on earth while influencing others to do the same. Through our Conservation Fund, we invest in programs and projects that are making a difference. In 2019, we raised more than $375,000 for this fund, which then helps conservation initiatives at home and across the globe.

You're making a difference, too! With your support, we were able to raise those funds through the following:

  • Admission and Membership Sales: A portion of your ticket or membership purchase helped us raise $220,000.
  • Retail and Concessions: Step-Up programs in the gift shops and food and beverage locations, along with animal paintings sold in the gift shop, raised $40,000.
  • Education Programs and Events: More than $44,000 was raised from programming and events like the Zoo Run, Brew at the Zoo, and Wine Walk for Wildlife.
  • Donations: Donations from our bird show, coin vortex displays, private donations and miscellaneous contributions added up to $69,000.

Make a Donation

The Kansas City Zoo needs you so that we can continue to make a real difference for the natural world. You have the opportunity to permanently change the future of the world for you, your children and grandchildren.

Environmental Statement

The Kansas City Zoo recognizes that environmental factors are affecting biodiversity on every continent. We are committed to modeling sustainable actions and providing tangible solutions to our community to empower them to make positive choices to preserve our natural world.

Palm Oil Shopping Guide

Visit to learn where to buy products that use sustainably resourced palm oil.

Seafood Watch

Download this app to find seafood that has been sustainably farmed and help preserve our ocean life.
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