Featured Exhibits

The Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium is always changing. These featured exhibits help provide the best possible experience for our guests while connecting them to the natural world.

Helzberg Penguin Plaza

Slide through the Helzberg Penguin Plaza to see all kinds of penguins -- from the Humboldt penguins strutting their stuff to the fast swimming gentoo penguins, and a magnificent flock of king penguins.

Stingray Bay

Guests have the opportunity to dip their hands into a shallow pool and discover the unique texture and movement of two species of stingrays – cownose rays and southern stingrays.

Orangutan Canopy

Swing into Orangutan Canopy to learn why enrichment is important in the everyday lives of our orangutans and how our Zoo is involved in the Orangutan Species Survival Plan.

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