All 2024 Zoomobile Scholarships have been awarded. Applications will reopen in 2025.

Scholarship funding for Zoomobiles with the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium is made possible by the Zoo Learning Fund. Applications are open to all potential audiences including schools, libraries, senior care facilities, and preschools. Educational programming connects students and community members with unique learning experiences from the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium that champion conservation, encourage empathy, and emphasize the excitement and accessibility of science and nature.

Funding for Zoomobile scholarships is limited, and requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the calendar year. Applications must include a Statement of Financial Need and a Statement of Impact in order to be considered complete.

Educational organizations in Jackson and Clay Counties, Missouri, are eligible for a free Zoomobile visit each school year, and do not need to fill out a scholarship application to utilize this benefit.

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