Invite the Kansas City Zoo to your STEAM night or community event! Our interactive STEAM Tables provide activities led by Zoo Educators that encourage a healthy curiosity about animals, conservation, and the natural world.  

Available Topics

Making Tracks
Practice printmaking with a WILD inspiration- the animals at the Kansas City Zoo! Learn about how animals can create art by using their tracks and even design some tracks of your very own.

Exploring Zoo Careers
It takes a tip-top team to run a zoo! Explore the various careers that exist at the Kansas City Zoo through hands-on activities that will give you a peek into the different ways we support our amazing animals.

What's On Your Plate?
See what’s on the menu for the animals at the Kansas City Zoo! Learn how examining an animal’s teeth can give you clues about its favorite foods, and explore the many different diets that you might find being served at the Zoo.

Price:  $200 base
Duration: 60 Minutes


  • Minimum four weeks notice


  • Additional Mileage: 31-60 miles: $60, 61-90 miles: $120, please call for pricing beyond 90 miles
  • $125 per additional session
  • A fee of $50 is applied to all programs with a start time after 5:00pm or on weekends
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