Invite the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium to your STEAM night or community event! Our interactive STEAM Tables provide activities led by Zoo Educators that encourage a healthy curiosity about animals, conservation, and the natural world.  

Available Topics

Making Tracks
Practice printmaking with a WILD inspiration- the animals at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium! Learn about how animals can create art by using their tracks and even design some tracks of your very own.

Exploring Zoo Careers
It takes a tip-top team to run a zoo! Explore the various careers that exist at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium through hands-on activities that will give you a peek into the different ways we support our amazing animals.

What's On Your Plate?
See what’s on the menu for the animals at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium! Learn how examining an animal’s teeth can give you clues about its favorite foods, and explore the many different diets that you might find being served at the Zoo.

Price:  $200 base
Duration: 60 Minutes


  • Minimum four weeks notice


  • Additional Mileage: 31-60 miles: $60, 61-90 miles: $120, please call for pricing beyond 90 miles
  • $125 per additional session
  • A fee of $50 is applied to all programs with a start time after 5:00pm or on weekends
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